Age of Adventure

A Night In Town

"At least we got a book."

Kadzoo Kudzu

Finding himself at Lake Zarovich, Kadzoo stood on the shore watching the town drunk, a man named Bluto, try to catch fish, he wondered if coming out here after dark was a smart thing to do. When he heard the howls of wolves of in the night he thought he made a bad choice to do so. Just when he thought he could sneak away he noticed Bluto in the boat toss a burlap sack overboard into the water. As it splashed into the dark still waters he thought he heard muffled screams from inside the sack. Oh well, not his problem if Bluto was disposing of someone….

As Kadzoo turned to sneak back to town the wolves attacked! Sniffing him out six werewolves came rushing out of the foggy forest to savagely attack. Kadzoo did his best but outnumbered and he was quickly torn to shreds by the hungering werewolves.

As his spirit drifted from his mangled and half-eaten body he sensed a pull of great evil. Not having the will to resist he soon discovered an entity offering him the return to his body…a gift. Eagerly accepting Kadzoo suddenly awoke back in his body merely and hour after being attacked having little memory of the entity or what it said. However the name Tenebrous keeps coming back to him…

Back at the Inn…

Much to the surprise of the innkeeper a burly dwarf named Torygg Warcrown stumbled down the stairs from the guest rooms trying to shake off a rough night of partying in Mithril Hall. Not knowing where the hell he was at he decided to talk to a rough looking pair of men who turned out to be wolf hunters. For a few drinks they filled him in on where he was at and what was going on, as far as they knew.

Valind and Flex approached Rictavio who was purchasing a cooked wolf steak and some apples for his friend. When asked about himslef and if he could help the party Rictavio told them he was just a carnival man trying to make a living and had to get this food to his friend, the portly toymaker. When Flex stated somewhat loudly that they were trying to kill Strahd the inn grew quiet as all eyes turned to the party.

As Rictavio was leaving the inn, presumably taking his food to his friend, the innkeeper told a patron to bar the door behind him. The party, thinking they were about to get attacked by the locals, positioned themselves for a fight. However the innkeeper sat at a table in the middle of the room and invited the party to sit and talk. They noticed some of the patrons moving to the windows and acting like lookouts. The innkeeper told the party of the wereravens and the Keepers of the Feather and their mission to dispose of Strahd.

to be continued…


Doomskull Doomskull

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